Moon - Oils - 30 x 60cm

A shy old moon, peeping out behind the clouds
As if afraid to show himself
Looking for an old friend,
where have you been?  I ask
Why hide away?

His smile lights up the coast
that which I call home
I stand and watch the waves
relentless crash against the shore, that
holds so many secrets, it will never tell

Waves striking umber rocks
throws spray into a midnight sky
Caught in the moonlight
like a million stars
forever frozen in time

Friends who left this shore
and never came back home again
I stand and stare at this heavenly body,
worshiped over millennium
A white disk shining down on me

He climbs to his zenith
Surrounded by stars, pin pricks of distant light
I see his face, always the same face
Our celestial body carrying human footprints,
for ever more controlling time and tide

More than an ancient king could do
A new white bright light,
follows me as a friend
As I walk long this lonely beach
wet sand creeps between my toes

Frothy surf rolls over naked feet
then retreats back to sea,
begging me to follow
I listen to the wind, carrying the cries of lost souls
as they try to get back home again

Evolution - Collage - 50 x 50cm

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